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We get it, we love tunics too. They flatter your figure and make you look and feel longer and leaner. From Petite Pattys to Long, Tall Sallys, we can all use some of those long, flattering lines! Tunics are an effortless way to exude a cute, casual confidence in your everyday style - that will have you strutting every pedestrian sidewalk like a fashionable catwalk.

Seasonal Tunic Styles

From long tunic tops to asymmetric swing cuts, we have the silhouettes for every season. Shopping for tunics online at White Plum is the solution to all your fashion conundrums! Not only do we have short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and three-quarter sleeve length tunics, we also have tunics in different dress lengths and colors.

If we don’t have it now it’s because it sold like hot-cakes last week - but don’t worry! We get new styles and colors all the time. Our solid-colored tunics look great when worn with a pair of our printed leggings. Fashion favors the bold, so you mix and match our printed tunics with our patterned leggings for tons of fashion forward fun. Grab our tunics and leggings today before they are gone to complete your effortlessly chic wardrobe!

Trendy Colors and Cuts

Customers who shop our tunics online will be delighted to find that we have tunics in unique and trendy designs. Rock the popular cutout trend in a new way or switch out your favorite hoodie for one of our tunic sweaters!

Like everything else, we stay trendy, stylish and affordable every season, so come over and see us sometime. We know you will be glad you did.