Leggings, palazzo pants. linen pants ... OK, we'll stop. Calm down. There are days when we’re tired of wearing the same ol’, same ol’ denim. Don’t get us wrong -- we love denim, but lets change it up once in awhile! White Plum is known for a huge selection of bottoms, which not only includes our famous leggings and palazzo pants, but also yoga pants, skirts, and maxi skirts. We can guarantee you’ll feel like a new woman the moment you step into some fun, fresh, vibrant White Plum bottoms! Embrace your fashion statements and work it out, because you will be sure to impress in any of these pieces. Don’t know what you would wear with any of these fun bottoms? Check out our Tees and Tanks collection for a wide variety of basic tops that make the perfect pair with any of these fun bottoms.