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Ladies Fashion Accessories & More!

We get it - you want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends without having to smash the piggy bank your parents gave you when you were 12. White Plum can help! Bringing affordable, adorable, and empowering fashion to young women everywhere is our passion.

We follow the latest fashion blogs, scan the streets for Instagram worthy outfits, and stock up on fresh-off-the-runway favorites in order to offer you, our in-the-know shopping besties, the cute, fun, and eclectic pieces that ensure your wardrobe reflect your individuality.

Accessories Are Key

Great style is in the details, which is why you will love our collection of trendy ladies fashion accessories with active sets, crocheted headbands, beanies, jewelry, scarves, and more. A gorgeous handbag, a boldly patterned scarf, or a piece of vintage-inspired jewelry can complement any outfit! Combine them with older pieces to create fresh, new looks, or choose your favorite statement piece and create an entire ensemble around it!

Wearing Accessories Better

Are you the type of gal who loves nothing better than sweatin’ to the oldies while looking and feeling cool? Pair one of our flattering, high-performance athletic outfits with a cute hat, and take your workout to the next level. Do you prefer more traditional women’s accessories? Our designer-inspired purses, pocketbooks, and totes give you the look and feel of luxury while leaving you with enough cash for lunch!

For the perfect finishing touch, check out all our accessories today!