Pretty Paisley Patterns


Paisley is a classic pattern that reached a height of popularity in the 1960s, reflecting the hippie aesthetic and the psychedelic mood of the era. Musicians like Joan Baez and the Beatles could be seen wearing paisley at their concerts, and any stylish girl of the era would have had at least one paisley shift dress! Paisley has seen a recent revival in fashion, and we love the different ways a modern woman can wear this vintage-inspired look.

Feminine and Masculine

Since paisley leggings have a retro vibe, consider other vintage-inspired style ideas to complete your fall ensemble. 1940s menswear inspiration in the form of blazers, tweed, and Oxfords look darling with paisley. Pick styles from a range of fashion eras for a modern approach to vintage fashion. 1920s drop waist dresses and loose silk blouses look great layered on top of vintage print leggings. When matched with more structured pieces, paisley leggings take on an Audrey Hepburn classic look.

Modern Looks

After decades of form-fitting dresses in waist-accentuating cuts, the Modernist aesthetic that took hold in the 1960s brought a rebellious answer to the previous decade in the form of the shift dress. It was short and loose, with the feeling of being liberated from a corset. Wearing a fun shift dress with a shorter hemline over paisley leggings is a fun nod to the 60s.

Mod Styles

Faux fur also was in vogue during the Mod decade, and a faux fur vest over a dress or a faux fur lined coat collar gives a vintage vibe to modern day ensembles. Finally, finish off any vintage-inspired outfit with a saddle bag, the 1970s inspired satchel that could be seen on recent fall runway shows. There are satchels in bold colors, neutrals, ethnic, and snakeskin prints, which means there’s a bag to go with any vintage print leggings outfit you put together.

Fun Floral Prints


Flower power was another dominant theme in the 60s and 70s, and floral style remains ever so chic today. Representing peace and love, floral patterns have a history of expressing powerful emotions while also being amazingly cute. Fresh floral looks continue to be fashion-forward decades later, and they still highlight the light and fun side of wearers.

Flower Child Look

Try a vibrantly colored tunic with vintage floral print leggings for a groovy retro look. An eye-catching top with popping color is the perfect addition to liven up subtle shades within flowery stretch pants. Grab a giant hobo bag, place a cut of your favorite flower behind your ear, and catch every eye on you in this pretty, feminine flower child look.

Have fun pairing a bright and radiant blouse with red rose print bottoms for an outfit that transforms into a full bouquet of lovely colors. Slip into a pair of matching ballet flats and add a flashy clutch to complete this comfy and eye-catching retro outfit full of striking color.

Go Go Girl Style

Another great idea is to layer a miniskirt or short dress over brilliant flower power vintage print leggings for unique mix and match fashion. Platforms heels really jazz up this flashy style and add to the yesteryear feel. Make sure to accessorize with a fun and flirty floral headband to finish off this fun go-go girl look.

Floral vintage style leggings are an excellent wardrobe staple that you can easily wear the whole year round. A breezy camisole or lightweight tee is a great match for your bloom-filled leggings on hot summer days. When fall and winter roll around, pull a snuggly sweater over your stretchy florals, match with your favorite accent scarf, and enjoy superb fashion in ultimate comfort.

Vintage Wallpaper Style


While wallpaper prints may remind you of your worst memories of your grandmother’s kitchen, design prints have roared back into fashion in recent years. Making great décor for your home or office, tasteful wallpaper prints are also a great dressing option. Wallpaper vintage print leggings come in every imaginable shade, pattern, and design, so there are plenty of beautiful, artistic options out there that deserve a chance.

When stepping into the world of wallpaper print leggings, it is important to let your stylish legs be the focal point of your outfit to avoid a look that is overly busy instead of chic. One exception does exist: indulge yourself with a patterned top or jacket if it’s part of a matching set with your designer retro leggings. Otherwise, stick to simple, single color shirts and blouses when wearing your daring vintage print leggings. Keep an eye out for prints that are distinctly you and represent your style, then let these pretty pants be your voice.

Accentuate with Accessories

No outfit is complete without the addition of gorgeous accessories. These little accents may not seem to be as important as your clothes, but accessories can totally change your entire outfit and look. Versatile vintage print leggings can be adapted into a plethora of styles depending on what additions you choose to make. A few that we love include:


Match your favorite antique style leggings with neutral colored accessories that utilize earthy, natural textures such as leather and grasses. A floppy straw hat, camel suede booties, and a tasseled cowhide bag are excellent touches to highlight your carefree, non-conventional style.


Add a little ruggedness to your feminine fashion by stepping out in derby or oxford shoes to accompany your vintage print leggings. Top it all off with a fedora and minimalist jewelry, such as a simple silver ring or thin herringbone chain necklace.

Rocker Girl

Bold, all black accessories, along with fierce retro leggings, put your no fear attitude on full display. Pile on edges and spikes with super high stilettos, icicle-shaped earrings, studded wristbands and more. This no-games look screams that you’re ready to rock.

So Many Vintage Style Legging Looks!

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