About Us

About Us

Think of White Plum as your stylish, supportive, quirky best friend who believes in dreaming with your feet on the ground and sometimes skipping 6 a.m. yoga. Or having a savings jar for Paris but understands when you end up using it to buy groceries.

White Plum strives to empower women through fashion to reach their potential, find their strength, and present themselves to the world in a way that is stylish, creative, and approachable.


What can you expect from White Plum?

Sophistication, affordability, creativity, and an excellent customer experience.

Hilary Zwahlen founded White Plum in 2012 on the notion that everyday women should be able to express their creative styles without breaking the bank. We carry American-made basics as well as a curated collection of conversational pieces from our favorite boutique designers. These collections are comprised of an eclectic group of brands that are high quality, yet within reach of every budget.

Fast Facts about White Plum

  • 99% of our pieces are hand-selected by Hilary herself to be stylish & attainable
  • 75% of our office is female
  • 60% of what we carry is american made and that number is growing!